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Dear colleagues!

The Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Combustion and Explosion, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, plans to hold the XV All-Russian Symposium on Combustion and Explosion.

The Symposium is organized under the auspices of the Scientific Council on Combustion and Explosion of the RAS with the support of specialized institutes of the Department of Chemistry and Materials Sciences of the RAS and the Department of Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes of the RAS and will be held in Moscow.

The symposium covers a wide range of issues from fundamental problems of physics and chemistry of combustion and explosion, industrial and technological processes on the basis of combustion and explosion to problems of safety and ecology.

Scientists from Russia and other countries are invited to the Symposium. The working languages of the symposium are Russian and English.

Topics of the Symposium

"Fundamental questions of combustion and explosion physics:"

  • Thermodynamics of combustion and explosion, kinetics of chemical transformations;
  • Shock waves, combustion and detonation in condensed media, properties of the substance at high pressures and temperatures;
  • Macrokinetics and gas dynamics of reacting systems, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis;
  • Mathematical modeling of combustion and explosion physics processes;
  • Methods of experimental diagnostics of fast processes in reactive media.

"Applied aspects of the science of combustion and explosion physics:"

  • Burning in aircraft, rocket and piston engines;
  • Scientific bases of industrial application of combustion and explosion processes;
  • The science of combustion in the interests of fire safety;
  • Scientific support of industrial safety of industries engaged in the development, production and application of HE.

Symposium program

The program of the symposium will include plenary lectures (at the invitation of the organizing committee), as well as oral and poster presentations. The program of the symposium will be formed after June 1, 2022.


Scientific Secretary, Vice-Chairman :
Sultanov Valery
Phone: +7 (49652) 2-14-47

Chairman of the Programme Committee:
Salgansky Evgeny
Phone: +7 (49652) 2-13-68